About the KBE Foundation

The KBE Foundation, founded in 2022, is a not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to making a difference in our communities. The Foundation supports not-for-profit organizations and events that improve the quality of life for children and adults, whether by enhancing educational opportunities, addressing food- or housing- insecurity, achieving social equity, or other community needs.


The idea for the KBE Foundation grew out of a rich, 14-year legacy of philanthropic outreach by KBE Building Corporation, a national construction services firm that serves clients through its regional offices in Arizona, Connecticut, and Maryland. A sister company, KBE-NY, works with clients in metropolitan New York.

In 2009, KBE Building Corporation launched what was then known as “50 Ways to Make A Difference.” Since then, the 50 Ways program donated more than $4 million in direct contributions and pro bono construction services to non-profit agencies throughout the regions where the firm and its affiliates operate.

Nearly 200 organizations have benefited over the years from the 50 Ways program, which was made possible by the financial support of the corporation, its owners, and its employees. Also, an Annual Golf Tournament, started in 2015, raises funds to support scholarships for construction industry students graduating from Connecticut Technical High Schools, well as a number of Connecticut-based charities.

The 50 Ways program evolved into the KBE Foundation, establishing an expanded and structured platform for KBE’s philanthropic mission.

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The philanthropic mission of the KBE Foundation is supported by the following KBE family of affiliated companies and their employees:

KBE Building Corporation
New Valley Construction, LLC
Elite Construction Resources, LLC
CMP Exterior, LLC